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-3 whhn the winter weather will in your neighborhood. & 3 this was a very elabbrate, very sophisticattd hoax -3 3 a notre dame football player... caught uppin connroversy.the two parts of -3& the ssory about his ddad girllriend that didn't add up... and lead to the disturbing discoveeyy and... hundreds of pllnes.. that's affected. 3
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3 3 thursday, january 17th. 3 3 &p3& p95 map
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3 a state trooperris in serious conditton this morning afterr an accident in howard county. countyyit happened aaound 4-33 wednesday affernoon on i-70 - near rrute 32.investigatorr ssy that's when corporal matthew telep veeeed onto the shoulder of the highway....and &phit a tree.he ended up ttapped inside for a short time before being airllfted to shock & trruma. 3 (19:41)we have hhd a witness call the barrack who saw this crash and reports that they believe the trooper as cut off by another vehhcleewe will cootinue to follow up on that as we iivestigaae thh cause of &pthe crash... crash... anyone with infoomation issaskee to calll maryland state police at 411-799-2101. 3
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33 first on fox...a baltimore -&pteen is facing several charges... after being accused of impersonaaing a pplice officee. - officer..he 16-year-old is a student aa blueford drew - jemison academy...but investigators say heestole & everything he neeeed to posee as a city school police officer... from beechfieldd - elmeetary/mmddle sshool.that included wwlkie alkies... and pa black polo shirt wiih a school police patch.officer arrested the student last & thurrday at hisshome on beechfield. (ms. simpson) "he go to chool and everything. he don't be out here on the corner wiih &pthe other ccildren.. a good child, a good child." &pteen made arrests, anddcalledd city police to pick up as a uvenile... and faces charges of impersonating an &pofficer and burglary.
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3&p a notre dame football star's inspirational story abouttthe death of girlfriend may nnt be ed ayne tells us... manti te'o now says he was the viitim of a "sick joke." joke." & 3 notre dame sttr linebacker manti teeo (man-tie tay-oh) pxcelled n the foottaall pfeld... dessite dealing witt - traaedy off te field.te'o said last september that his & grandmooher and his girlfriend died within hours of each other -- and heewould keep playing to honor them.but,,the girlfriend story was a hoox, - according to an article published bb the sports dame attletic director jack &pswarbrick says e'o only spooe to the girrfriend in question.... online and on the telephooe. this was a very elaboratt, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reaaonss - and a certtin cruelty at ts core.the story waa that teo's
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the ootbbll player didd't attend her funeral because he said e promised her he wouldn't miss a game.deedspin writer timoohy burke, who brokkethe story, says some things just don't add up.we have a lot of stories about how they mee. she was a -33 student at stanford and they game and we know now thht didn't happen.and there is this...when teeo said i know -3 thatti'll see my girllriend -3 again ssmeday, e knowwnow that they never saw each other in the first a &pstatement, reported by espp, te'o said in part: "to ealize that was the victim of what was appaaently ssmeone'sssick joke and consttnt lies was, pumiliating."te'o was the heisman rophy runner-uu.and heeis expected to be a draft this spriig.i'm ed payne & reporting 3&p""e'o" became the top--rending term on twitter wednesday night shortly after the sttry about theegiilfriend hoox broke. tte colorado movve theater...
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that became the scenn of last summer's deadly shootings... & will soon reopen to the public. public. 12 people were killed and dozens moreeinjured... opened firr during the -3&ppidnight screening of the new batman movie. the tteater plans to formally reopen this weeeend. -the company is offering free mooii asses to survivors of the assaare... families of - the victims... and first responders who ere on the scene. a new c-n-n/o-r-c poll finds there's been a small ii inn supporttfor gun control &ppeassues... since last month's -3 sandy hook finds that 56-perceet of ameriians --3 support ban on semi- automatic guns... like the ak-47.that's down from the number of americans who all ggn owners tt register - firearms with local goverrment... droppeddfrom 78- peecent... o 69-percent. wednesdayys poll release comes &pjust hours after president 3 bans on military styye assault weaponn and high-capacity
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&pmagazines. 3 homeewners facing foreclosure are getting some much nneded relief. reeief. the consumer financial protection bureau has issued new rules for mortgage serviccrs that handle llan modifications and 3 rules now estricts ervicerr from fooecllsing on borrowers -3 seeking llan modificctions. there are also guidelines for issuing clear, straightforward mortgage statements. 3 a neewstudy finds theelower theegrade a student earnn... the more likely parents are to contributt to theer chill's accorddng to esearcc by a university of aliforniaa sociology professor.she says it's surrrising... because -3 parrnts assumeethe more money they givv... the betterrtheir -3 child will perforr in college. 3 3 many ravens ffns are & still feeling the excitement... from last weekend's victory gainst he brrncos. broncos. 3 that thrill of viitory is what &pravens fans arr hoping to & repeat n new england this weekend. weekend. (19:09:40) "my - mom aught us celebrating as &&pjustin tuckee ot the game winninn field goal. i thinn
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this picture speaks our excitement." eecitemeet." at a rally outsidd an m-and-t-baak i hunt valley... fans brought &ptteir purple ride. former &pravens kicker matt stooer waa and helping to kick ravens fevvr into high gear. & f(19:10:18) "i really hopee ----nada, daniel ellerbie, and pay lewis somebody takes tom brady and knocks him out!" & -butt to- (19:05:27) "thhs is ballimore! thhy love their ravens if you experienced it as much as i had, airports are packed the roads to our faciiity,,people are lined up to and frrm...." a wave of excitement...." 3 gearr as been flying off shelves... and buses to new england are selllnn out. 3 fox45 news ...will have continuing coverage... of the a-f-c championship game..w'll hhve live reports from foxboro starting frriay right here on on fox45 mmrniiggneww.. fox45 - news at five and fox45 news at ten. 3 3 and even hough new - england is seven hourssaway... -3 you can still trash talk those
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patriots fanss tteet your thoughts on tte & "patriots beat down". ravens fans are sayingg.. and wwat patriots fans re saying in gging to foxbaltimore dot com. click on "ray's llst ride". 3 coming up on the early ediiion....explaininn the dangers... of distrrcted driving. drrving.theefirst-hand-account one omaa gives... to raise awwrennss.
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3 & 3 ((bump inn)
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((2-shot toss to weatter)) 3 33 ((ad lib meteorroooist)) 3
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3((traffic reeorter ad libs)) map reenspring liberty
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3 40 maap- 3 3
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3 3 3 still to ome... using tablets aa home... and beyond. retailers rr working tte technology... into & 3 i hit the back end of a fork lift on it...and ii'e had face.a peesonaa story... with a serious message.the painful pccident that's ggvvn one woman an iiportant life lesson to share. ((break 2))
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3 3 you kkow you're not supposedd to do it, buuttaking yyuu eyes offfthe road, even for just a impaat.sandra endo sppke to a woman who experienced that impact firsthand..and is now raising awareness. awwreness. 3 if this picture doesn't say enough.listen to 24-year-old -amanda kloohr explain what happened o her in 2008."i was hit the back end of tractor
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traaler that ad a fork lift on t...and i've had ovee 20 & surgeries to repair my face. i lost an eye, snapped an ankle. i have 36 plates and 48 screws -i aa to learn howwto re-walk - ann i was in a coma...i was distracced, i was texting and considers herself llcky to be alive..kloehr was like any peens, who are 5 times moree likely to text and drrvv. that's according o the cell phoneeinduutry which has teaaed up with theegovernnent to romote awarenesss"teens have highhr tendency to take more rrsks behind the wheel. we all know that. and because they do live aaconneeted &plifestyle, is being able to sort of brrak thht cultural mores of it's okayy it can - wait, ou ppt it down."a department of transportation rrport shows, ending oo -3recciving a text takes a 3 nearly 5 seconds, and at 55 mph, that's bliidly driving the length f an entire football fiill. i got behind
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-3&pthe wheel of ne simulator thaa does much more than teach the rules f the road.endo: going onno a freeway here. nd -3 my blackberry is ii sight..someone is texting 3 you?'... yes i am. oh!!- announcer: notice how difficcut ittis to... enno: o 3 eedo: that i looked away.the system alss teaches &&prepercussions. "two thousandd dollars to fix my car. ohh my live through a ffrst-peeson experience of going in front of an accual judgeeand being 3 for wwattyou did...and ttat'ss not a ccmfortable feeling. and - people going hrough thii 3 from someone who has experiinced the worstt kloehr 3 drriers. whateeer it is hat you want tt do that's a
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want to know what it feels - like to be in my shoes and my kind of lucky." 3 strright ahead....stooes going the extra mile... to pllase customers. & tablets are - enhanciig he shopping - experience. 3 ((break 3))
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3 3 petailers noo consumers use their smartphones and tablets to research productt anddhuut & make that parttof the -3& experience ii brick--nd-mortar shopss karin caiff has a look future, in today's consumer watch - watch 3 touch screens are the trend in mmbile phones and finniig uses for that same -3 technnlogy, inside stores.what together an outfit to see how & everything ooks together, while you're righh there in the store. so you might start with a particcalr shirt, match
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it wiihha pair of jeans.the nationallretaal federation shoo in new york showcased a number offpracticcl uses like aimed aa large appliance retailers, highhighhing priccng, features, and more, evennwithout the iiems physically being innthe store. 3 mmchine that can give pcnsuuers nutritional details before they make a selection. they're really caaering to know that almost every person has smartphone and it's going to beepart of theeway 3 whicc has partneeed withha number of majorrbranns for new pigh-tech ideas, says iits not just about the "cool factor,"" extra to tte connumer.that's wwrring with retailers, again, saying not justtwhat's the technollgy problee you want to & solve, but what ssthe &pbusiness roblemmbecause whee you can add a lot of value to the consuuer, that's winning -solutionfor consumer watch, & i'm karin caifa. 3 coming up... new jersey...
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recovering after suuer storm sandy. sandy.the major push to rebuild... that's getting approval to start.
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ssale.why it miiht not ever happen in maryyand.on fox 45 news at 3
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3 3 3 - 3 3

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